Service Updates

Estimated Turnaround Time: 3-4 Working Days

Collection / Return: Appointment Only

Drop Off / Collect: Appointment Only

Remote Support: Appointment Only

Onsite Repair: Appointment Only

Due to the inconvenience of Covid-19, some repairs may take longer than usual.

Important Service Update

As of January 1st 2022, I am limiting the amount of jobs that are received in due to closure of the office. This is temporary upto 12 months.

I am still able to carry out all repairs that are booked in.

New business cards/loyalty cards available from 01/01/2022

Home IT Service

Phone, remote support and IT workshop for home users.

- Virus & malware removal

- Cracked screen repair

- Data recovery

- Fixing slow machines

- Hardware & Software

- Overheating/Shuts off

- Power Issues

- Blue Screen of Death

Remote Support

Please download which link refers to your device

Support for Mac

Support for Windows

IT Repair Centre

Open 7 days a week

Business IT Service

Flexible, cost effective IT support for 1 - 500+ users.

Typical services include:

- IT support

- Email support

- Backup & recovery

- Hardware & Software

- Website Design

- Remote IT Support

- Networking

- Printers & Scanners

If your computer is making unusual noises, clicking, grinding or scraping


It could be causing more harm if you don't switch it off.

You could also lose all your important data.

Spilt Liquid on your Device?


It could be causing more harm if you don't switch it off.

Note: Putting your device in rice can actually cause more damage than good.

For prices on our Water Damage Clean-up Service, please Contact Us


Tek Repairs NE can arrange for collection of your old Hardware, dispose of correctly, destroy data and provide Disposal Certificates.

All collections are free of charge and we can remove any of the above no matter how little or how many there is.

All data is wiped using a minimum of Ministry of Defence Standards (US DoD 5220.22-M: 3 passes)